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  • Government of UK Lists central government departments, executive agencies and non-departmental public bodies. A-Z of Central Government.
  • ELECTION 2010 BBC NEWS / UK election results. Just for the record and analysis.

Olympic Games London

  • Summer Olympics 2012 Official Website & Mobile Apps for the London 2012 Summer Olympics. Live results ... Official London 2012 website ... Olympic Games ... July - September.
  • Genealogy

    •   The EnglandGenWeb Project A general England mailing list for researchers to join ... by The UK & Ireland Genealogical Information Service (GENUKI) and their GENUKI England websites. ...
    •  UK Census Online - Find Your Roots + Roscommon Ancestors Genealogy + Irish Ancestors
    •  England Genealogy over 7000 English Geneology Links, English Trade Directories of the the 19th Century index.
    •  English and the UK Genealogy Look Ups and Genealogy Resources Here you will find free genealogy lookups, English genealogy articles, English genealogy resources, and links to sites with English genealogy information. ...
    •  Irish Ancestors - (Irish Times)
    •  Genealogy Websites Find the Best Results for Genealogy Websites. Free Genealogy Search Obtain Genealogy Records On Anyone! Free Genealogy Search Takes 2 Secs. Genealogy.
    •  Genealogy Websites - Find the Best Results for Genealogy Websites
    •  Free Genealogy Search - Obtain Genealogy Records On Anyone! Free Genealogy Search Takes 2 Secs
    •  Cyndi's List - England - Suppliers of English and Welsh vital records (birth, marriage and death certificates) and census data from 1841 to 1901. Elephant's Nest Genealogy Site .
    •  Yahoo Genealogy in the Yahoo Directory -Find and research your family tree with beginners guides, heraldry sites, lineage and surname information, regional and ethnic resources, magazines, ...
    •   Australian, Irish,Scottish and English Genealogy - Australian and ... 3 Nov 2008 ... The review given: Australian, Irish Scottish and English Genealogy. Easy to navigate and read, this site is comprehensive and fun. ...

    Genealogy Researchers

    Graphics & Clip Art

    •  Holidays Around the World - Clip Art, E-Cards, History & Traditions Nowruz | Palm Sunday | Puerto Rican Day | Purim | Queen's Birthday · Shrove Tuesday | Sweetest Day | Teachers Day | West Indian Day ...

    Historical Societies


    • English Church Records - Genfindit - Ordering English Church Records English Church records and research at affordable prices.

    Immigration Records

    • English Emigration The early British arrivals in America were known as colonists or settlers. ... In 1890 there were large numbers of English born immigrants in the states of ...
    • Ships Passenger Lists, English to USA & Canada English Immigration to USA & Canada. Pre-1820 Approximately 650000 individuals of all nationalities arrived in America before 1820. Most were English and ...
    • Immigration: The English The English were the ones to establish colonies of which the United States of America sprung from. Their offspring formed the largest component of the ...


    • Clan/Family HistoriesFamily Histories - Index Page. ... Second most common name in Scotland and also found frequently in England and the USA. ...
    • English Surnames Meanings & Origins of the Most Popular English ... Uncover the meaning of your English last name with this free guide to English surname meanings and origins. Includes a list of 100 of the most popular ...

    Coat of Arms

    • English Coat of Arms - English Family Surname Crests and BadgesDisplay your English Coat of Arms and Family Surname Crest with pride. Surname histories and family crests on frames, hand painted wooden plaques, clip art, ...
    • Coats Coat Of Arms Name History - Pristine Rings - Hand Stitched Embroidery-stationery etc.


    •  English Heritage Stonehenge & the History of England : English ... English Heritage exists to protect and promote England's spectacular historic environment and ensure that its past is researched and understood.
    •  The Christmas Archives: Christmas Customs of England CUSTOMS FROM ENGLAND. WHAT MAKES AN ENGLISH CHRISTMAS? It appears that each person questioned thus will answer differently ....
    •  Christmas Day in England Christmas Day in England other traditional activities that take place on Christmas Day in England ...
    •  Living History England Living history re-enactments, events, battles, customs, and traditions around ... England vs. Scotland in the 18th century Lace Wars ...
    •  Rambles.net - A cultural magazine 


    Customs and Traditions in the UK

    •  British Culture, Traditions and Customs - A fascinating and informative website on British Festivals and Culture. ... We have English and British traditions of sport, music, food and many royal ... Do's and don'ts - Unusual Customs - Britain - Calendars


    •  English Festivals - Festivals in England from the Glastonbury Festival to the Notting Hill Carnival and from Cheese Rolling in Gloucestershire to the Chelsea Flower Show, 2camels has photo ...

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    Moving to England



    • BBC News - All the British and International News from Britian's National TV and Radio broadcaster.  Read the latest news, listen to live radio and more.  An excellent news site.


    • Global Philanthropic - Global Philanthropic is a worldwide group of strategic management professionals providing a diverse range of specialist services to the philanthropic sector ...

    Search Engines

    • British information directory British information is a directory for the UK with entertainment news sport and travel ... Email; Home Computers; Internet Service Providers; ISP Services ...

    Surname Sites

    Travel and Tourism